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I will create a complete motocross gear design for sublimation



At these Gigs, I will make designs sublimation for Motocross gear such as Jerseys, Pants, and Gloves.
Please see the package table for more details.

For other design themes, you can choose other Gigs or send me a message.
The design that is made, will be in the form of a Vector file, so it is very good for printing sublimation even in large sizes.
And for more complex orders, please send me a message.

After placing an order, please fill in the form we provide, such as:

  • Send data such as Logo / Writing / Sponsor.
  • Send a sample design that you like as our reference.
  • Write down the colors that should be used in the design. Main / Second / Third.
  • Write down the design concept you want. Simple / Complex.
  • Explain the placement of the Logo / Writing on the design clearly.
  • Send messages & discuss to get suitable results.

After the work is done, you will get;

  • JPG Mockup Files.
  • PNG Mockup Files.
  • Multi-Format AI, CDR, PDF, EPS Files.
  • Print-Ready, Full Support. ” Not for Basic package
  • Access Files on Cloud Drive.
  • PDF Documentation File.

Extra Service Prices are only valid for Basic and Standard packages!

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Feature Description
  • Source Files
    You will get the original design file once the job is done. The source files that will be obtained are Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, EPS, and PDF files.
  • High Resolution
    You will get a design file with good quality because the design is made in vector form which is very good for printing.
  • Double-side
    You will get a complete design file for the front, and back, as well as the right and left sleeves.
  • Design Concept
    The number of design concepts that you will get later. The number of concepts can be added by adding extra concepts, of course at an additional cost.
  • Marketing Tools
    Follow-up support services after the project has been completed.
  • Enhanced Detailing
    We will make the quality of the design more attractive by changing the design into a 3D view so that it is easy to understand and more attractive.
  • Revisions
    The number of requests that you can use to request changes to the design that is being made instead of changing/creating a new concept after the previous concept is completed.
  • Delivery Times
    Our working time to complete the design project.
  • Mockup
    Interesting features make the design more interactive and easy to understand because the design is displayed in 3D like the real form of the original product.
    This feature has two options, namely:
    * Standard Mockups
    Where the 3D view of the design made will follow from the stock mockup that we have and its appearance is limited to only the front, side, and back views.
    * Custom Mockups
    For the 3D view of this feature, we will make it according to your wishes, so the display is made from scratch so that it looks different and more exclusive. The rendering results for the display can adjust to the needs with a maximum rendering of 4 display positions.
  • Commercial Use
    Designs can be used for commercial purposes or mass production. The basic commercial license only applies to graphic design only, if there are external design assets such as fonts, etc. they will be charged separately. You can buy your own license or we can buy one for an additional fee.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Which design package should I choose?
      Please select the package according to your needs.
      See the package table for more details on which one you need.
    • What are revisions?
      Revisions are changed color, text, logo position, and font style.
    • What was obtained at the end of the project?
      You will get this after the design work is complete, including:
      – JPG & PNG Mockup Files.
      – Multi-Format Files. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, & more.
      – Print-Ready, Full Support after finishing the project.
      – Access Files on Cloud Drive. Make sharing design files easy.
      – PDF Documentation File.
    • Can I add more than one design concept?
      Sure, you can add it and get the source file too. But it doesn’t
      include the commercial rights if you don’t add the commercial extras too.
    • What is a mockup standard?
      The mockup standard is a 3D visualization feature to make the design look like the real product. However, the standard shape mockup and 3D rendering results cannot be changed, because this is a template not made from scratch.
    • What is a custom mockup?
      Custom mockups are a 3D visualization feature to make designs look like real products. This custom mockup feature will provide a more varied 3D rendering visualization because it is made from scratch and according to your wishes.
    • Is there any documentation about the designs that have been made?
      Sure, I provide documentation files for the design files I create. I will provide all the information about the design there.
    • Commercial Use?
      Commercial use applies to STANDARD & PREMIUM design packages.
      Commercial use applies to design only, for assets such as fonts according to the license of the font used.
      Additional fees may apply if you wish to use a licensed font.
    • How long will my “designer” support be after the job is done?
      I will continue to support/assist you at any time with the project that I have completed with you. You just have to contact me if you have problems with the design I made. Later I will answer/help according to the problem.
    • Can I order designs outside of this design “Gigs” pack theme?
      Yes, but I suggest you contact me first. So that the information you need and the information I need are clear.


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